You may choose to have one of our photographers focus on your child at his/her game or event. Available events are listed below.

By choosing a pre-order option below, you will be able to direct the photographer to focus on your child. During the game/event, we will try to get as many photographs of your child as possible. For this option, you will be charged $10 when you place the order. This amount is non-refundable unless our photographer cannot attend the event. In return, you will receive an email with two coupon codes to purchase photos once they have been loaded to our site. One coupon code will be valued at $20 off any digital package. The second coupon code will be 20% off any print package. Both codes will be valid for one week from the time the photos have been uploaded. Failure to use one or both codes within one week of the photos being loaded will result invalidate the codes and they will not be re-issued and no refund will be provided.

Please email [email protected] for more information. We will offer a limited number of pre-orders per game/event so that we may focus on no more than five people per event.  Games that have not had at least one pre-order placed will likely not be attended. Thank you for understanding.

Events Available for Pre-Order
Some dates below are tentative and not available for pre-order yet. Please check back or email us to ask about a specific game. This list is not a guarantee that they will be photographed unless a pre-order has been placed. Once a pre-order has been received we will definitely attend the game unless some unexpected circumstances prevent us from attending, at which time you will receive a refund.

More to be made available as our schedule permits.

Don't see a game listed you would like us to attend? Email us! We do not have every schedule for every sport of every team (varsity, junior varsity, junior high, little league) so email us your schedule and we will see what we can do!

Information about having Brent cover your game!
You can choose to schedule Brent to photograph one of your games. Simply email [email protected] to request an available date. If a date is available you will mail a check for $100 to the The Portrait Collection. Brent will then focus on your child during the game to capture professional action photos. You may split the cost with up to five other parents and Brent will focus on up to five players. You will receive an email following the game with a link to download all the photos of your child at no additional charge; no coupon code or purchase necessary. You may choose to purchase a USB drive for $20 to be mailed to you with all the photos of your child (ideal for slow internet connections, or just to have a physical copy of your images.) A copyright release will come with your photos so you can print them or share them as you like. Games that have been scheduled through this option will not be available to other parents to pre-order coverage of their child. We will, however, take random photos of other players as the game allows. All photos will be loaded to our site for viewing and ordering by other parents, but you can rest assured we will get some high quality action photos of your child. Refunds are only issued if Brent can not attend your game.

Disclaimer: The photographer cannot possibly capture every play of every child. As much as we keep the camera in front of our faces, sometimes it may simply not be possible. Brent has more than 20 years of experience with action photography, but even the best can miss a great shot. Every effort will be made to capture the images you love!